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The Panama-Buena Vista Union School District is proud of its well-defined heritage which strongly correlates student assessment with classroom instruction.
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Great Teachers

The state adopted district curriculum is implemented by highly qualified teachers who receive professional development designed to enhance knowledge, skills, and attitudes to improve student achievement. Our mission is to provide quality learning opportunities for every student by supporting teachers through mentoring and high quality appropriate professional development. 
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Great Classes

Curriculum specialists, principals, and categorical program specialists facilitate in-depth, structured and consistent support to all our teachers as they provide standards based instruction to educate our changing student population.
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Great Future

The Panama-Buena Vista Union School District takes pride in its motto, "Excellence in Education." The district employs a staff of dedicated, energetic, and highly qualified teachers who respect and enjoy working with students.

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June 29th Board Meeting Announcement Featured Photo

June 29th Board Meeting Announcement

Please open the PDF to read the latest update regarding the re-opening of schools from our Panama-Buena Vista Union School District Board of Trustees.
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