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    I am thrilled to serve as Sandrini's Principal. The teachers and the administrative team hold the highest standards for all students at Sandrini. High expectations for student respect, responsibility, and integrity help create a positive learning environment where all students feel enthusiastic about their school experiences. It is our goal that each child will reach their greatest potential both academically and behaviorally, along with being fully prepared for success as they continue their education.

    The collaboration with the staff, students, families, and community members at Sandrini creates a culture that promotes the philosophy of life-long learning. It is my belief that this is the type of culture where all members of our school community can thrive.

    As a member of your school community, I am excited to support your families in preparing our students at Sandrini for success. My office door is always open. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.



    Morgan Hicks