• Attendance
    Absence from school places a hardship on the pupil.  California School Law states that the only real reasons for a child being absent from school are:  illness, doctor or dentist appointments, death in the family. Unexcused absences, including family trips for pleasure/recreation and business purposes or failing to provide proper verification for an absence for more than 10 consecutive days can result in the student being dropped from the class and the risk of the student not returning the same class or school.
    Please call the office to report the reason for absence.  When it is not possible to call during school hours, you may leave a message after hours.  After an absence of three days, please call the office and allow the teacher 24 hours to compile student work.  Missed work should be picked up in the office during normal business hours.
    The cafeteria begins serving breakfast at 7:20 a.m. and stops serving at 7:40 a.m.  Playground supervision is not provided until 7:20 a.m., students may not be on campus before this time.