• Dress Code
    The purpose of the dress code is to help generate a positive learning environment and to guarantee the health and safety of all students.
    Conditions of dress and appearance are:
    1.  Excessively large trousers, pants and overalls may not be worn.  All trousers an pants must be worn at the waist.  Belt ends may not hang down.
    2.  Excessively oversized shirts, including oversized tee-shirts, worn outside pants are not allowed.  Shirt length cannot extend beyond the tips of fingers when the students is standing with arms hanging down.  Overalls must be worn with straps on the shoulders, not hanging loose.
    3.  All clothing must be neat in appearance.  Commercial lettering or printing will be allowed on shirts and sweatshirts as long as it is acceptable school attire.  No clothing may be personalized other than with a given name.  Any personalized printing or writing on jackets, backpacks, binders, etc.  is unacceptable as is writing on the hands or other parts of the body.  Clothing that is full of holes or frayed because of being cut off is not acceptable.
    4. Clothing that is excessively revealing is unacceptable.  "Excessively revealing," includes:
       a.  Clothing that is tight fitting
       b.  Backless halter tops or dresses, tube tops, tank tops shirts or muscle shirts cut low at the armpits or neckline.
       c.  Clothing that shows bare midriffs.
       d.  Shorts the length of which is shorter than halfway between mid-thigh and knee.
       e.  Clothing that is transparent or revealing.
       f.  Underwear being worn as an outer garment, such as boxer shorts.
    5.  Shoes must be worn at all times.
    6.  Cosmetics to the face and hair that distract from the educational process, such as brightly colored hair, excessive face make-up, glitter, etc. are unacceptable.  Exceptions to this rule may be made by administration for special occasions. 
    7.  Students who wear leggings or leotards must wear shorts, a dress, or a shirt over them which falls below the fingertips.  Tutus of any kind may not be worn to school.