• Field Trips
    Field trips enrich the academic experience for students and reinforce units of study in the classroom.  Parent chaperones are usually requested to accompany teachers on field trips to assist with student supervision.  Duties include monitoring students on the bus and at the field trip site.  School dress code and behavior standards will be followed by all students and chaperones.  Parents may not take along other siblings or relatives and may never follow the bus in their car.  PLease remember that the purpose of the chaperone is to assist the teacher in all aspects of the trip.
    Field trips are an important part of your child's education.  A permission slip signed by a parent or guardian must be turned in prior to each trip.  Students who do not have a signed permission slip will not be allowed to go on the trip, and will be assigned to a alternate classroom for the day. 
    Should you have any questions regarding a field trip please converse with your student's teacher.