• Fog Delays

    During the winter months, heavy fog may occasionally delay or even close some Kern County schools. If there is fog and you think school may be delayed or closed – please watch your local television station for updates.   ​Information is made available to virtually all local stations.


    Our procedure calls for our schools to be open at the normal time even though we may delay bus transportation for two (2) hours. Students who normally walk or are transported to school by their parents have the option of attending at the normal time. I want to stress that we are not encouraging parents to send their students out in unsafe conditions nor are we asking them to transport their children when they feel it is unsafe. Many parents must make provisions by taking their children somewhere; and in many cases the fog conditions, while extremely heavy in one area, may be spotty and permissible for students to walk in another.  Our district policy is:


    1. When fog delays are called, school bus schedules will run two (2) hours later than the regular time.
    2. Schools will be open at the regular time to receive students who normally walk or are transported by their parents. Once again, parents are urged to consider the conditions on any given morning a delay is called before sending or bringing their child to school.
    3. Decisions to call fog delays must be made by 6:15 a.m. each morning. On occasion, fog will come in after the buses have departed, and it is too late to get on the fog delays tape. When this happens or at any time in your judgment you feel it is unsafe or dangerous for your child to board the bus or to walk to school, we encourage you to keep your child at home. He or she will have the opportunity to make up any work missed. As has been the practice in the past, all fog delays will be announced on local radio and television stations. Do not call the Highway Patrol or school office.
    4. School Closure - In the event of extremely hazardous fog conditions over a major part of the valley, the decision to close all schools will be made by a committee composed of representatives from districts in the central areas. If such an event should occur, a general announcement will be made of the complete closing of school the day before or on the evening before the closing of schools.
    5. Bus Transportation Cancellation - In the event of a two (2) hour bus transportation delay and should conditions remain so severe that it would be deemed unsafe to send the buses on a delayed schedule, parents would be notified by radio and television at least one-half (1/2) hour prior to the bus pick up time. Therefore, it is important to stay tuned to your radio or television station for the latest information.


    If bus transportation is completely canceled for the day, those students who have been transported by parents or have walked to school will be released at their normal time to either walk or be picked up.  Parents should discuss this situation with their children.