• Halo Hero: Student of the Month
    Halo Hero is celebrated each month at an outdoor assembly on the Basketball Courts.  Halo Heros are selected by each teacher and are based on the demonstration of qualities set forth by the Character of the Month.  
    Character of the Month: 
Month of the Year Character Trait of the Month Definition
August Appreciative I appreciate the things and people in my life.
September Sincere I mean what I say.
October Optimistic I always look for the good side of things.
November Respectful I respect others.
December Determined I keep trying something, even if I fail the first time.
January Honest I tell the truth.
February Generous I share what I have with others.
March Persevering I keep on going until I am finished with a task.
April Compassionate I try to help others less fortunate than myself.
May Trustworthy People can trust me.