• Athletic Eligibility

    A.  Students in continuous enrollment are subject to the following eligibility standards:

    1.  All students must have a 2.0 GPA and must not have more than one (1) number "10" comment (7-8 grades only)

    2.  Must have no "F" grades (grades 4-8)

    3.  If the student becomes ineligible due to the Provisions of (a.) or (b.) above, he or she will remain ineligible for the entire succeeding grading period--the quarterly period as denoted on the district instructional calendar for the school year. Grades from the end of the 4 quarter then will determine eligibility for all 5th, 6th, and 8th graders in the fall.

    4.  The principal at the school site will review the ineligible student's grades at the end of the grading period in question and will make a determination regarding the student's future eligibility.

    5.  If the principal determines, according to the eligibility provisions listed above, that the student is eligible toparticipate, he/she will be allowed to participate immediately; however, the student must adhere to the five-days-of-practice provision listed in #4 above, before he/she can participate in a game.

    6.  Any ineligible student who becomes eligible after the regular season is concluded but before post-season play begins will not be allowed to participate in postseason play.

    7.  At the end of each quarter, the principal must insure that their coaches check each team member foreligibility. This must be done no later than seven (7) days from the end of the quarter as denoted on thedistrict instructional calendar for the school year. The period of ineligibility shall begin on the aforementioned seventh day. Any game in which an ineligible player played in shall be forfeited.

    B.  Students who are absent at all during a game day due to an illness or injury are not allowed to play in a game that day. This procedure will also apply to practices. In all cases, the school site principal can make exception to this rule.

    C.  Disciplinary Action

    1.  All players must adhere to the education code, district rules, school rules and established team rules.

    2. All players must maintain their academic eligibility.

    3. For any infractions of the aforementioned, all players are subject to disciplinary action, including removal from further participation on the after-school athletic team, at the discretion of the site principal.