• Visual and Performing Arts 
    Music Education is an indispensable part of the basic education for all students. In order to develop productive citizens, educators must develop the spirits as well as the minds of our young people. Our school district recognizes that the arts are a basic and central medium of human communication and understanding. Because of this commitment, our District continues to have a rich tradition of music excellence which includes Festivals, Parades, Competitions, Concerts, and Musical Exhibitions. 
    Band/Instrumental Music
    At Sandrini Elementary School instrumental music begins in the fifth grade with instructor Cody Greewell.  Sectional instruction on string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments begins in fifth and sixth grades.  Students are "pulled out" of class, twice per week, for a period of one half hour per lesson.  
    Students are required to practice their instruments at home.  We encourage parents to assist their children with the care and practicing of their instrument and support them by attending their winter and spring concerts. 
    Vocal Music
    Sandrini students in grades 4-6 spend 30 minutes per week with our wonderful vocal music instructor. Activities include singing, dancing, rhythm patterning, listening skills, and music appreciation.
    In addition to weekly classroom music instruction, fifth and sixth grade students have the opportunity to audition for a spot with the Sandrini Chorus.  Students are "pulled out" of class for a half hour each week to practice vocal music pieces for school and evening performances.  These students are responsible for making up any classwork that they miss.  
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