• Homework and Study Habits
    The guidelines for homework are as follows:
    1. Time necessary to complete homework assignment will be limited to the appropriate age group and ability.
    2. Homework will be meaningful to the student. It will be collected and evaluated.
    3. Homework may be used for reinforcement of materials already presented.
    4. Parents should not do​ the students' homework, but they may supervise study.​
    5. Grade level projects (mission reports, state reports, science projects) will largely be developed in class as a teaching process at each grade level. Most work will be done in class under supervision. Completion of elements covered in classroom instruction may be used as homework (rewrites, revisions, and final drafts.)
    6. Long-term assignments will have intermittent checks by the teacher.
    7. Homework will not be given on weekends or holidays.
    8. Homework is not required of students in grade K-2. The decision to give small amounts of homework is left to the discretion of the individual teacher. If homework is assigned, it will not exceed the guidelines for grade 3.


    General guidelines for homework in grades 3-6 are as follows:


                                                     K - Second Grade       as needed

                                                     Third Grade                 ½ hour two times a week

                                                     Fourth Grade              ½ hour three times a week

                                                    Fifth Grade                  ½ hour four times a week

                                                    Sixth Grade                 1 hour three times a week


    The time needed to complete homework will vary with each student depending on individual skills.