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    The Panama-Buena Vista Union School District (PBVUSD) Induction Program is a two year Commission approved professional teacher induction program designed to support the professional development of newly-credentialed beginning teachers and fulfill the requirements for the California Clear Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Education Specialist Credential. 

    For additional Induction program information, please contact Barbara Wolf, Induction Coordinator/Curriculum Specialist at (661) 831, 8331, ext. 6153, or via email at bwolf@pbvusd.net.

  • Program Features 

    Induction Consists of:

    Pairing participating teachers with experienced mentors who serve as support providers

    • Offering professional development opportunities to meet the needs of the new teacher in relation to his/her teaching assignment
    • Building a support network by providing opportunities to dialogue with colleagues
    • Assisting participating teachers develop an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) that will serve as his/her roadmap through the induction process
    • Providing a system of guided inquiry to assist beginning teacher grow professionally

     Program Goals

    • Ensure the professional success and retention of promising new teachers
    • Improve student performance through enhanced training, information, and assistance for new teachers
    • Improve the working conditions and job satisfaction of teachers by reducing professional isolation
    • Establish a system of inquiry and growth based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession
    Clear Education Specialist Induction Program (CESIP)
    The PBVUSD Clear Education Induction Program is a two-year commission approved teacher induction program designed to support newly-credentialed teachers with a CA Preliminary Education Specialist Mild/Moderate and/or Moderate/Severe credential. In addition to all the aspects of the General Education Induction Program listed above, CESIP participating teachers receive individualized professional development to meet specific goals as an Education Specialist.

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