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Human Resources Staff Directory

Darryl Johnson
Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Extension: 6353
Melissa Brown
Director of Human Resources
Extension: 6355
Becky Burgy
HR Project & Systems Manager
HR Systems: Munis, Stria, ESS
Extension: 6292
Certificated Staffing
Tiffany Brasier
Administrative Secretary Sr. to Darryl Johnson
Certificated: Recruitment, Credentialing, Professional Development
Extension: 6353
Saidah Gavin
Administrative Assistant to Melissa Brown
Certificated: Separations, Leave, Catastrophic Leave, Additional Compensation, Part-Time/Job Share Calendars, Annual Transfers
Extension: 6355
Silvia Amaya
Human Resources Technician
Certificated: SPED Teachers SSC Credentials
Extension: 6180
Erica Juarez
Human Resources Assistant
Certificated: On-Boarding, Evaluations, Units, Paraprofessional Testing
Extension: 6134
Miryea Perez
Human Resources Assistant
Certificated: Absence Management & Substitutes (Frontline), Fingerprinting, Badges
Extension: 6119
Classified Staffing
Lynn Sheetz
Human Resources Technician
Classified: Aides (School, I/I, Yard), BIA,
ELO-P/ACES, Daycare, Nutrition Services
Extension: 6135
Silvia Amaya
Human Resources Technician
Classified: SPED Aides (Para's & Health), LHST's
Extension: 6180
Dale Bivens
Human Resources Technician
Classified: Clerical, Confidential Classified, Mental Health Clinicians, Noontime Assistants, Transportation, MOG, IST, Warehouse, HR Webpage
Extension: 6136
Alyce Lisbey
Human Resources Assistant
Classified:  On-Boarding, Classified Evaluations, Clerical/Accounting Testing, Physicals/FCE/Drug Screen
Extension: 6181
Marcy Sixtos
Human Resources Assistant
Classified: Absence Management & Substitutes (Frontline), AVID Tutors, Fingerprinting, Badges
Extension: 6119
Tayler Popplewell
Human Resources Assistant
Classified:  ELO-P/ACES, Daycare On-Boarding, Clerical/Accounting, Paraprofessional Testing, 
Extension: 6188
Silvia Bumatay
Document Uploads, Camp KEEP, Coaches, TB Clearance, and Monitoring
Extension: 6100