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Units/Salary Advancment

Memo re Salary Schedule
P-BVTA CBA, Article XII F.3.b.: “Upon completion of the required number of units for column advancement, General Education Teachers, Special Education  Teachers and Academic Coaches must complete and submit the  District’s “Request for Advancement” form found on the District’s  Human Resources webpage.”
    • Eligible bargaining unit employees will only submit a Request for Advancement form to Human Resources upon completion of units for column advancement (12 units for Column I - VI and 15 units for Column VII).
  1. Download HR Salary Advancement Form
  2. Complete the Form with the required information
  3. Submit to Erica Juarez at [email protected]
Request Form
Approved University List
Approved List:
Other University programs may be approved on a case-by-case basis.  Please complete the "Unit Approval Request Tutorial" listed below. Upon submission, your request will be reviewed by an approval committee. If you have any questions contact Human Resources at ext. 6134 for more information.