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Language Acquisition Programs Overview

The California Education for a Global Economy (CA Ed. G.E.) Initiative is a voter-approved state plan to ensure that all children in California public schools receive the highest quality education, master the English language and access high-quality innovative and research-based language programs that prepare them to fully participate in a global economy.

The CA Ed.G.E. Initiative authorizes school districts to establish language acquisition programs for both fluent English speakers and English Learners, and requires school districts to solicit parent and community input in developing language acquisition programs.

Parents/Guardians may choose a language acquisition program that best suits their child. PBVUSD offers Structured English Immersion program for all English learners. Structured English Immersion is a language acquisition program for English learners in which nearly all classroom instruction in provided in English, but with a curriculum and a presentation designed for pupils who are learning English.

To learn more about different language acquisitions programs, and understand parents’ right to choose the type of program that best suits their child’s needs, click on the links below: