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English Learner Program Overview

  • Public schools have a civil rights obligation to ensure that English learner students can participate meaningfully and equally in educational programs. English learner programs and services are intended to help students who do not speak, read, write or understand English well as a result of English not being their home language.

    The overall goals of the English learner programs are to:

    • Ensure that English learners acquire full proficiency in English as rapidly and effectively as possible
    • Ensure that English learners, within a reasonable period of time, achieve the same rigorous grade-level academic standards that are expected of all students

    The English learner program supports students achieving both social and academic English proficiency. Teachers are trained and authorized to provide instruction to English learners. English language development is based on the California English Language Development Standards which are designed to support the English Language Arts standards and other content standards.

    PBVUSD utilizes LCF funds to meet the language needs for English learners. It is important to note the Title I funds and Title III funds are not used for English language acquisition programs.