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Inter- and Intra-District Pupil Transfer Agreements

Requests for student transfers are processed through the Division of Educational Services.  This includes both inter-and intra-district requests.  Requests for Open Enrollment transfers are processed in coordination with the Superintendent's Office.  For more information/criteria required for Interdistrict Attendance Agreements and Permits, please click here.  A parent timeline for 2023-2024 transfer requests is available below:
Media Requests
The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services serves as the district's Public Information Officer. All media requests, whether initiated at the school site, at the district level, or toward the Board of Trustees, are directed to the Assistant Superintendent. The Assistant Superintendent also oversees the distribution of printed materials from outside non-profit community organizations including non-school entities and persons. Press releases, interviews, and other types of communication with the media are typically run through this office.
Student Records
Requests or subpoenas for student records received from parents, agencies, accrediting associations or legal organizations are processed by Educational Services. The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services is the District Custodian of Records and is responsible for the security of student records and assures access is limited to authorized persons.


Translation Services (Spanish) 


The Division of Educational Services provides Spanish translation services at the district office for parent advisory matters. Individuals who need translation assistance may call or drop in at the main office. Click the link to access a Translation Request Form. 
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