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Health, Safety and Wellness Directory

The Health, Safety and Wellness team look forward to assisting you! Staff can be reached by either telephone at (661) 831-8331 or email (extensions and emails listed below).             Fax number 661-832-8002.

Nancy Gordon, MSN, RN, PHN
Director of Health, Safety and Wellness                                                         
Extension: 6177
Marisela Sanchez, MSN, RN, CRSN
Assistant Director of Health, Safety and Wellness                                                         
Extension: 6542
Susie Ayon
Safety Manager
Extension: 6128
Heminee Salinas
Safety Manager
Extension: 6145
Administrative Professionals
Michele Johnson
Administrative Assistant
Extension: 6177
Tracey Thomasy
Administrative Secretary
Extension: 6548
Katie Averett
Administrative Clerk
Extension: 6286
Erin Bliss
Administrative Clerk
Extension: 6544
Modesta Espinoza
Administrative Clerk
Extension: 6286
For assistance with Mindflash/Trakstar learning management software email [email protected]Please include your full name, position and school site/department.
District Nurses
Carrie Angelo, RN, BSN
Sandrini Elementary/Thompson Junior High
Extension: 6532
Julie Brinkman, RN, BSN
McAuliffe Elementary/Tevis Junior High
Extension: 2306
Sarah Carrillo, RN, BSN
Seibert Elementary
Extension: 6533
Jennifer Culbertson, MSN, RNC
Pre K Assessments/Pre K Speech
Extension: TBD
Nancy Curran, RN, PHN
C-B Assessments
Extension: 6543
Kelly Duncan, RN, PHN
Laurelglen Elementary/Stockdale Elementary
(661) 831-8331 x1917
Carlie England, RN, BSN
Stine Elementary
(661) 831-1022
Shelley Etcheverry, RN, PHN
Highgate Elementary/Reagan Elementary
Extension: 6531
Courtney Gafford, RN, PHN
Actis Junior High/Castle Elementary
Extension: 1516
Valerie Gonzalez, RN, BSN
Miller Elementary
Extension: 2813
Ariana Harmon, RN, PHN
Buena Vista Elementary/Stonecreek Junior High
Extension: 6595
Valerie Hernandez, RN, BSN, RCSN
Panama Elementary/Van Horn Elementary
(661) 831-1741
Adele Limon, RN, BSN
Hart Elementary/Warren Junior High
Extension: 6530
Stacy Mabry, RN, PHN, RCSN
Whitley Elementary/Whitley Junior High
(661) 885-6600
Brittany McCormack, RN, BSN
Old River Elementary
Extension: 2776
Esmeralda Perez, RN, BSN
Berkshire Elementary
(661) 824-9742
Katie Peters, RN, BSN
Extension: 6529
Katie Weirather, RN, BSN, RCSN
Loudon Elementary/Williams Elementary 
Extension: 2153