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Mindflash Online Safety Training

P-BVUSD uses Mindflash Learning Management System for all online safety training. 
New Employees
2. Log in:
Username: Email
Password: Use password provided in the training invitation email.
New Employees - Your password is provided on the New Employee Training form that you received during your onboarding appointment with Human Resources.
3. An email will be sent for each required training course and include a deadline. The training deadline must be met or the training will expire. The training deadline expires at midnight of the designated deadline date. For example: Deadline is April 7, 2021. The training will expire on April 7,2021 at 12:00 AM.
For assistance with Mindflash learning management software, email [email protected] Please include your full name, position and school site/department.
I don't know my password?
You can access your password by viewing the training invitation email you received. 
How do I reset my password?
Please contact [email protected] and include your full name, position and school site/department.
I can't find my training links. What do I do?
You can access your training links in different ways:
  1. You can log-in to your account and your trainings will be listed under the "Invited" tab. 

  2. You can search for the training invitation on your email search bar. The subject of each training begins with, "You've been invited to:"

  3. You may contact the Health, Safety and Wellness Department at [email protected] and include your full name, position and school site/department.

Why do I keep getting training reminder emails?
You may not have fully completed your training. Log-in to your account and make sure you clicked through the entire course. Upon completion you will receive a confirmation email that the training has been completed. 
The videos are not working. What do I do?
We're sorry to hear that! Try using a Chromebook, laptop or desktop. Sometimes the videos have difficulty loading on a phone or tablet.
Do I have to take the trainings loaded in my account?
Yes, some training courses are required by California law. Please visit our New Employee Training or the Annual Training for Returning Employees tab to review the requirements. Additional trainings are required for certain positions as well. If you still have questions upon review please contact the Health, Safety and Wellness office at (661) 831-8331 ext. 6286.