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Parent Resources

Who can I contact if I am concerned about my child’s progress in the classroom?


  1. First speak to the class room teacher. “When you have a concern about your child’s education, it is important that you contact your child’s teacher or administrator to talk about your child and any problems you see. An informal conversation often solves the problem and helps to maintain open communication.” (Notice of Procedural Safeguards)
  2. Refer to the Parent Handbook on the school web site.
  3. Contact the Academic Coach, or the Principal on your campus.
  4. If your student has an IEP you may talk to the Coordinator. For information as to who that would be, you may call the Special Education Department at 831-1906.
  5. Information about Parent Rights or the “Notice of Procedural Safeguards” are given at IEP meetings, but could also be viewed online, or obtained at the Special Education office at 3100 Actis street, Bakersfield CA 93309. For information call 831-1906.
  6. For information about Dispute Resolution, Mediation and Due Process refer to the Notice of Procedural Safeguards.


I have moved into Panama-Buena Vista District's boundaries and my student has an IEP, how do I register?

If your student has an IEP, start at your school of residence. The school site will give you enrollment procedures and then you will call the Special Services Center to complete the enrollment process at (661) 831-1906.






Search and Serve

The Panama-Buena Vista Union School District (P-BVUSD) Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is committed to seeking out, identifying, and providing special education services to students who meet eligibility criteria for special education services from birth through 8th grade.


Once a parent, physician, social worker, family member, or other community member submits a referral, the SELPA will make contact with the parent/guardian of that child to complete an in-depth questionnaire. Results from this questionnaire will help to ensure that the appropriate agency and personnel are involved in any potential assessment.


P-BVUSD is responsible for assessing students who reside within its boundaries who will turn 3-years old in the next 90 days, through their 8th-grade year of school who are suspected of being a child with a disability. P-BVUSD is also responsible for assessing any students who attend a K-8 private school within its district boundaries. Referrals submitted to P-BVUSD Search and Serve for students that do not live within its boundaries will be forwarded to the appropriate Local Education Agency (LEA) and/or the Kern County Consortium SELPA.


Children who exhibit the following delays may have a disability: Delay in the development of culturally and socially acceptable behaviors and relationships; delay in the development of small and/or large muscle motor abilities; delay in the development of thinking ability; delay in the development of communication skills, both speaking and language; one or more medically diagnosed conditions.


Search and Serve Parent Portal


For information call Gayle Montana 661-831-1906 ext. 6564 or gmontana@pbvusd.k12.ca.us

Parent Rights Documentation

Information regarding procedural safeguards is available to you under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) is contained in the Parent’s Notice of Rights in the links below.