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Music Staff

Steve Miniard, Administrator
District Office East
Lucy Adams, Elementary Instrumental Music
McAuliffe and Van Horn Elementary
Jessica Ardray, Elementary General/Vocal Music
Loudon and Sing Lum Elementary
Becky Baker, STEAM Vocal Music Specialist
Castle Elementary
Roberto Becerra, Elementary Instrumental Music
Laurelglen and Stine Elementary
Audrey Boyle, JHS Orchestra Director
Warren and Actis Jr. High
Ron Christolear, Elementary General/Vocal Music
McAuliffe and Stine Elementary
Marisa Farooq, Elementary and Junior High Orchestra
Stonecreek Jr. High and Miller Elementary
Cody Greenwell, Elementary Instrumental Music and General Music
Miller, Berkshire, and Lum Elementary
Heidi Harriss, JHS Chorus Director/Elementary General Music
Actis Jr. High, Miller Elementary and Loudon Elementary
Ben Horton, JHS Band Director
Actis Junior High
Amanda Locke, Elementary General/Vocal
Various Schools
Jeff Malone, JHS Chorus Director
Stonecreek and Warren Junior High
Jeremy Martin, JHS Band Director
Stonecreek Junior High
Jeanette McGrath, Elementary General/Vocal Music
Reagan and Panama Elementary
Mickey Murray, Elementary Instrumental Music
Whitley and Panama Elementary
Nicole Nalupa-Russell, Elementary Instrumental Music, Elementary General/Vocal Music
Buena Vista Elementary
Lois Neff, Elementary General/Vocal Music
Old River and Hart Elementary
Andrew Ollivier, STEAM Instrumental Music Specialist
Castle Elementary
Bradford Pickett, JHS Band Director
Warren Junior High
Regina Pryor, JHS Orchestra/Chorus Director
Tevis and Thompson Junior High
Teresa Rizo, Elementary Instrumental Music
Reagan and Stockdale Elementary
Anna Santiago, Elementary General/Vocal Music
Berkshire and Laurelglen Elementary
Amanda Sproul, JHS Band Director
Thompson Junior High
James Sproul, Elementary Instrumental Music
Hart and Old River Elementary
Gail Strother, Elementary Instrumental Music
Lum and Loudon Elementary
Kelly Willey, JHS Band Director
Tevis Junior High
Ambra Williams, Elementary Instrumental Music
Williams and Seibert Elementary
Heather Wright, Elementary Instrumental Music
Berkshire and Sandrini Elementary