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IT Help Desk

Does your issue need the attention of a P-BVUSD Information Technology (IT) Technician, or remote support?
Remote support can be contacted at:
(661) 831-8331 ext. 6148
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I'm having an issue logging into my account. Should I fill out a ticket or reach out to remote support?
A: Remote support can help with account issues and issues with district provided services, such as Clever. Please call (661) 831-8331 ext. 6148 or email [email protected].
Q: I just filled out a ticket, who does it go to?
A: Each school site has a technician assigned to it. Once you fill out a ticket, they will be notified of your issue. Please keep in mind that all technicians have multiple school sites, so there may be a wait between filling out a ticket and a technician stopping by.
Q: My printer was working yesterday, and now it's not! Who can help me?
A: Technicians can help with hardware issues. Please fill out a ticket. If you need help, feel free to reach out to remote support for assistance on filling out a ticket.