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Dr. Dean Haddock - Trustee

Dr. Dean Haddock 2019 Dr. Dean Haddock has been a Board member since November 2012 with his current term ending 2020. He is a licensed Clinical Neuro Forensic psychologist with over 30 years of experience in addition to published research in ADHD, Child Abuse, Intellectual Disabilities and School Psychology. Dr. Dean Haddock is the Founder and Executive Director of Community Counseling and Psychological Services which is a multi-specialty counseling center and is a Clinical Professor at Biola University, Azusa Pacific University and UCLA. He is on the Medical Staff of several local hospitals. A leader in our community he is popular for his compassionate counseling with individuals, families, children and couples.  Many know him for his common sense help on radio ‘Living Right and Free with Dr. Dean Haddock’, his understanding articles in the local newspaper, and interviews on local television.His wife Denise is an alumnus of P-BVUSD and owns her own business, Denise Haddock Interior Designs.
 Dr. Dean Haddock