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Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) was developed by the "I Love U Guys" Foundation and is based on an all-hazards approach as opposed to individual scenarios.  The SRP requires a specific vocabulary but also allows for great flexibility and is used within the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District.  The SRP is based on five actions:  Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter.  A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is a uniform classroom response to any incident.  Weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to threats to students and staff safety are scenarios that all school staff and district administrators plan and train for throughout the school year utilizing the SRP process. Confidential tactical response and/or related information would not be shared with partners, not in law enforcement. 


If you would like to know more about the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) or the "I Love U Guys" foundation, please visit their website

in case of an emergency flyer
in case of an emergency flyer in spanish

This protocol is recommended by the Safer Schools Coalition of Kern County and is utilized by Bakersfield City School District and Kern High School District. It is also being considered by other local school districts.