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Student Academic Events

The Panama-Buena Vista Union School District's staff provide support services in all areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to the District's 24 schools. Annual academic competitions that involve District student participants are organized and facilitated by the Department of Curriculum staff.

Parents -- We are excited that your child will be participating in a student event supported by the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District. Student events can be incredible motivators for students, and enhance student creativity, character and knowledge. The competitions can be demanding, but offer rich and rewarding experiences, regardless of event ranking. And remember, events should always be fun!

We offer seven competitive student events - Bank of America Speech Contest; Henry Greve; History Day; MATHCOUNTS; Math Field Day; Oral Language Festival; and Science Fair. Talk to your child and select events that are appropriate for him/her and that fit into your schedules.  Remind your child that not everyone wins an award. Whether or not your student places in the county competition is not as important as the life lessons revealed through the competition process. The world is full of disappointment, and many times we learn more and develop greater character when life does not go the way we expect.

Thank you for supporting your child in his/her academic pursuits. We wish you both a year full of rich experiences through competition.

Thank you,

The PBVUSD Curriculum & Instruction Department Staff